Repeating Patterns

Welcome to my blog! I’m Randy from Acire Systems and this is where I share thoughts on  getting the most business value out of your mobile device as well as mobile application development topics.

I entered the workforce when desktop computing started getting traction with early adopters. Software in those days was focused on a specific task (e.g. word processing was the “killer app” ;^). Consolidation of functionality and integration between apps was yet to come. At the time, I was interested in being an entrepreneur and creating a glitzy new software application that would make the world adore my brilliance. Frankly, I had insufficient experience to make it happen so I stuck with the security of a job as desktop computing, the Internet, and cloud computing evolved to where they are today. But then something changed for me… I had a couple jobs in a row in the wireless space. First with RIM, then with Bridgewater Systems.

During 2005-2008 I had a great job in Product Management with Bridgewater Systems but I was restless and needed a change. We were helping large wireless service providers deal with the challenge of explosive growth of mobile data traffic in their infrastructure. Much of this traffic was coming from smart phones and the applications on them. It occurred to me (and of course many others) that smart phones were(are) going through a very similar adoption cycle as desktop PC’s did in the 1980’s . Thus a pattern of technology adoption has repeated, and the missed opportunity of the 1980’s has returned. Like the PC of the 1980’s, mobile application development is the “wild west” of software development today and opportunity is abundant.

While the opportunity for mobile apps is similar to that for desktop software in the 1980’s, there are also some big differences. The largest and most obvious difference is the influence of the Internet. Because of the Internet, people are more connected and have more choice in how to market and buy solutions.  In particular, online stores selling digital content did not exist in the 1980’s. This is great for both vendors and users. Vendors can access huge markets with modest Sales and Marketing costs. Users can find solutions easily and comparison shop.

The other large difference these days is the low barrier to entry for developers of mobile applications. Tools are free, run-time environments are forgiving (somewhat) for novice developers and the computing resources on a modern smart phone is wildly abundant relative to the typical PC of the 1980’s. In other words, you don’t need 10 years of software development experience and a pile of cash to develop a useful application. The end result: competition is rampant amongst mobile developers and consumers are enjoying a large supply of inexpensive, and sometimes useful, applications.

I started Acire Systems in 2008 to create software that makes it easier and more appealing to do business on your mobile device. My first product line called “ReportAway!” makes it easier to capture time and expenses and generate invoices while on the road. My measure of success for ReportAway! and Acire Systems is two fold. First, when given the choice, users will reach for their mobile device rather than their laptop to perform a task. Second, that I can build a viable business that supports my family and  community off sales and service of mobile applications.

I’ve got a pretty big backlog of Blog topics to capture. You’ll see those published in the weeks and months ahead.

Happy Reporting!



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