Huh, ReportYourWay to Fitness?

I’m a big believer in the benefits of exercise. Each year I spend more time working out than ever. I’ve often wondered, where do I spend my time exercising?

I’ve tried many different logging techniques over the years. Paper, calendars, spreadsheets all worked for a couple of weeks but I would always loose interest because finding my log took more time than making an entry.

Good or bad, I carry my phone with me everywhere. I have found that using the Activity Timers in ReportAway! for FreshBooks have really made it easy to keep track of my work-outs. Here is what I do;

  1. Create a Project called “Healthy Living”.
  2. Create a Task for each type of exercise you wish to track and associate each with the “Healthy Living” project. For example, in my case I have tasks for “Cycling”, “Running”, “Weights”, “Walking”, and “Paddling”.
  3. When I begin a workout I start an activity timer and associate it with the “Healthy living” project and applicable task for that workout.
  4. Stop the activity timer at the end of the workout.

It takes 3 clicks to start a new activity timer in ReportAway! and because I always have my phone with me, I (almost) never miss logging a work out.

One of the other great things about tracking your workout in ReportAway! is the ability to filter the time entry list based on task. This makes it easy to answer questions like “how much time did I spend cycling over the last 3 months”? Too much I’m told by some….;^)

I developed ReportAway! primarily for business use. But it works really well for tracking work outs. Give it a try and above all stay fit.


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